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Academic Links

Sometimes reading a book is just not enough!  If you need more information for a report, check out the links below.


Besides the books you find in our library (Call number 979.4), you will be able to find additional information on the missions at the sites listed below.

The California Missions          California Missions   

The California Missions Online Project       The California Missions Trail   

California Missions Resource Center

              Missions                                                                     Indians      

                                                                   CALIFORNIA NATIVE AMERICANS

Books in  our library about Native Americans start with the Call number 970.  Below are some links to web sites with more information on the Native American tribes of California.

California Native Americans       The First Californians          Native American Facts for Kids




In our library you can find many books about animals Call numbers 590 to 599.  If you want to read about domestic animals or pets, look for Call number 636.

Oakland Zoo          Ranger RIck         Kids Go Wild          National Geographic Kids

 Kids' Planet          Animal Info.





If you are looking to read about Space Exploration (rockets, space ships) the books you want have Call number 620.  For information on the planets look for Call number 520 to 523.  Do UFOs interest you?  Call number 001 is what you need to find.  For more information on outer space, check out the links below.

Zoom Astronomy          NASA kids          Kids Astronomy          The Nine Planets


 Planets                                     biomes                                colonies




A habitat is any place where a particular animal or plant species lives.  Habitats of similar climate and vegetation are called biomes.  Books in our library about vanishing habitats can be found with Call number 333.7.  Biomes and habitats books are located by Call number 574 to 577.  The links below will teach and show you some very interesting information and pictures.

 Biomes of the World          General Biomes          Neighborhoods          Habitats




American Revolution and Colonial America                  

Books in our library about the colonies and the American Revolution can by found in many different areas.  Look for Call numbers 920, 973 and 974.  Check out the links below for even more information.

American Revolution       The 13 American Colonies             Colonial Kids