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Orderly Campus

A Safe and Orderly Environment Conducive to Learning

Classroom and school rules are established by the school staff and published in the School Handbook which is given to each student when she/he begins school at Corvallis. Teachers review these rules at the beginning of each school year. A special assembly is held to emphasize certain school rules, especially the dress code policy, consequences for weapons or other dangerous items, problem solving procedures, responsible use of the bathroom among others. Mid-year assemblies may be held as appropriate. The focus of all school rules is on the safety of others. There are procedures in place that are enforced by the classroom teacher to ensure the safety of students such as: lining up after the bell rings, walking with the teacher to another classroom or the lunch room, proper use of hallway, office, or bathroom pass when leaving the classroom, students must be under the supervision of an adult at all times. “Pink slips” are used for students with minor behavior infractions. Office referrals will be given to students involved in more serious actions. These forms of communication are used to inform parents of any issues so that we can work together to change the student's behavior.

 Corvallis School believes that students need to learn how to solve their own problems. A four-step plan has been developed which students are expected to follow:


STEP 1 - Say, “Please stop.”

This is the time for students to talk out the problem.

STEP 2 - Walk away.

If discussion does not resolve the issue, students should walk away.

STEP 3 - Give a warning.

If walking away does not solve the problem, students need to warn the student that they will tell the teacher.

STEP 4Tell a teacher.

 If the first three steps don’t resolve the problem, this is the time to tell an adult.

The ability to resolve conflicts is a critical skill for students. Corvallis staff teaches conflict resolution skills to students at each grade level. These skills include learning to control anger, communicating effectively, and developing solutions.

The Corvallis staff recognizes the good efforts of all students in order to encourage students to develop a positive self-image and make good choices. Students who consistently follow rules and help other on the playground and/or class may receive a “Cat Check” making them eligible for a weekly prize drawing. Students who receive no pink slips for the trimester will receive a Very Important Person Award. Students with prior referrals who make improvement in their behavior over a one month’s period may be recognized by a Success Call home by the principal.

The office will be notified if a problem is observed. An administrator or the custodian will respond to the concern in a timely and appropriate manner.