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HOMEWORK POLICY - (Board Policy 540)

Homework is assigned to students in order to:

  • reinforce learning
  • stimulate initiative, independence, and responsibility
  • enrich school experience through related home and community activities

Examples of homework that may be assigned are:

  • Reinforcement activities of concepts taught during class time.
  • Completion of an assignment that had begun in class.
  • Work on a long-term project, i.e. book reports, research papers, special oral presentations.
  • Reading for enjoyment or being read to by a parent.

School Responsibility

  1. Homework may be assigned Monday through Thursday. Makeup work may be assigned over the weekend. Kindergartners may have 5-10 minutes of homework. 1st through 3rd graders may be assigned a minimum of 15 minutes. In these primary grades, the maximum 4 days and minimum 15 minutes per day will be achieved as quickly as student readiness is apparent. Intermediate students may have a minimum of 30 minutes.
  2. Homework times are suggested minimums. Some children will require much more time depending on their levels of achievement, special education class assignments, etc.
  3. The homework assigned is consistent with the ability level of the student.
  4. Directions for the assignment are made clear before the assignment is sent home.
  5. There may be a separate homework grade given on the report card.

Student Responsibility

  1. Students are responsible for completing the assignments and returning them as required by the teacher
  2. Incomplete assignments may affect grades. Homework or classwork missed due to absences may be required to be made up as the work has a direct bearing on the student's progress.
  3. Incomplete assignments not made up may be reflected in lowered daily and report card grades.
  4. It is the student's responsibility to find out what homework has been assigned.


Parent Responsibility

  1. Parents should provide a place, time, and suitable environment for the student's homework and study periods. Your cooperation is vital.
  2. Students should be monitored while they work. If assistance is necessary and parents are able to provide it, they should do so.
  3. Discuss your student's work and progress with him/her. Encourage and praise your child liberally.
  4. Contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.
  5. Support for your child's program is important.